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My name is Maggie Dabbs and for those of you who already know me I have been a Tax Preparer for well over 10+ years. I welcome you to come and allow me to help you get the service and honesty you need with your tax preparation services.

My Story

MDABBS LLC, is owned and operated by Margaret Dabbs.   Co-owner to Refund R Us 3 Years Ago In Chicago, IL.  With over 20 years of Tax Preparation experience, I have Worked Hard to Make Sure My Clients Get Every Dime They Deserve and The Biggest Refund Check Ever!!! MDABBS LLC is the new Face of a Experienced and Known professional you all have come to know and love. Wanting to give my clients the service and prices they deserve has prompted me to start this venture.  MDABBS LLC's Goal For The Upcoming and Foreseeable Tax Season Is To Help As Many Tax Clients Receive not only the Biggest Refunds and Best Services but  also the most affordable prices!! 

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